Red Winged Blackbird, by KC Gillies


I’m a wordy woman with a lot of reasons to quit drinking. I live on the Jersey Shore with my twin boys, a husband, and two dogs. I work as a freelance designer and when I play, I create too. Woodworking, home improvements, piano, and constructing race cars out of cardboard boxes are all ways that I get that itch out.

Turning 40 sparked a lot of self-reflection. I made a conscious decision to take better control over my own happiness and to love myself more. This blog chronicles the months since I made that decision, and although there have been many ups-and-downs, I can honestly say that the small incremental and accumulated choices I’ve made to do this have improved my life tremendously.

One of the goals I set for myself was to cut back on alcohol. I was drinking ~4-6 drinks a night, sometimes more. I was never a fall-down drunk. I never missed work because of it, and I never was so controlled by it that I drank immediately after waking up in the morning. I didn’t get a DUI – although I will admit I drove under the influence many times. I never hit my kids or harmed anyone. But alcohol controlled me, not the other way around.

When I cut back, it was a constant struggle to moderate. I decided that if I couldn’t stick with my goal of continuing to cut back, I would quit.

So here I am. Quitting. And writing about it publicly.

Welcome to my journey.



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