Day 667

How much alcohol is too much?

When does a person go from being a heavy drinker to being an alcoholic/alcohol-dependent?

What if you think you’re fine but your spouse feels you have a problem and says your drinking affects them negatively?

How much should one’s partner’s opinion matter in this case? What if they’re overreacting?

What about pot? Does smoking regularly in the evenings count as addictive behavior? Could it be considered a replacement for alcohol, an avoidance mechanism that should be addressed?

Is there ever justification for a husband giving his wife a black eye?

What situation is better – staying in a dysfunctional marriage to give the kids a sense of stability, or separating to give each other space to work on the dysfunction, but disrupt the children’s lives in a way they won’t understand?

Why do I need someone to answer these questions for me?

Why can’t I just trust my gut?

Why do the opinions of those around me matter so much?