Day 152


To continue on Tuesday’s theme of the Hot Mess Mom, anyone else noticed an up-tick in Moms Who Drink memes these days?

I mean, I get it. Momming is HARD. And according to social media, not only is daily wine drinking healthy for you, it’s also a necessary part of motherhood. Ya know, to tolerate your demon spawn kids and all the stress associated with getting your husband to help out running a household.

So, of course the answer is more alcohol! Of course!

But this is so completely wrong. Forget that alcohol actually makes us LESS able to cope with the stresses of raising kids, LESS present, LESS energetic etc etc etc … Think about what this says to our children. 

You’re so difficult, I need to get drunk to be around you. I need to mentally check out in order to deal with you.

When you really think about it, it’s heartbreaking.

And even though my boys are only four, I have no doubt that they pick up on things like this already.

This mom puts it beautifully in a story about the birthday of her young daughter:

Moms Tell Me to Drink

Gratitude Postscript

I am so grateful for the way this morning started. W ended up in bed with me around 1am, so I snuck out of bed without waking him (score!!!), tip-toed downstairs and managed to fit in the workout AND a 10-minute meditation before the boys came downstairs. A complete and total miracle, which ended up being fundamental in my ability to cope with this morning’s challenges. Little C started the day in the same manner he ended yesterday, as if he hadn’t even slept. Immediately on waking, he went into a full-blown temper-tantrum (for reasons that were beyond my adult logic) and was impossible to reason with or convince to do much of anything for the first 45 minutes. If I hadn’t had my wits about me, I might have strangled him. So I guess he can be grateful too.