Day 242

Jenni Rope: Mobile 1, Mirella Bruno


Percolating along with a lot of input and not a lot of analysis. For today, here is what’s in the brain pan, aside from work:

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen, by Joanna Faber (Audible book for commutes)

How to Change Your Mind, by Michael Pollan (Hardcover book for evening reading)

Boundaries, by Henry Cloud & John Townsend (Up next after Pollan’s if I don’t get distracted by a novel first)

Some articles on being a people-pleaser, like this one

A few articles on disentangling oneself from a strict evangelical upbringing, like this one

The random article on juicing sent by a friend… Beets? Not sure I’m that evolved yet.

And for fun, planning the upcoming pop-up camping trip with the boys, and dreaming about treehouse construction.