Day 251



So I’m better after yesterday’s bitch session and a phone call with my very reasonable, rational friend S.

I decided not to say anything last night, after a stressful and somewhat touchy evening with the kids. If nothing else, I’m learning to hold my tongue and wait for better timing.

After talking with S, who helped me realize that I am not responsible for C’s actions toward the teachers, therefore owed no one an apology and have no need to feel embarrassed… I decided not to say anything about it to C at all (unless it comes up naturally), and to advise the teachers to approach C about it on their own if they want him to know how he made them feel.

Poor S, she got an earful last night. But I’m in a better place today.

I’m still considering floating the idea of couple’s or individual therapy to C at some point in the near future, but will be waiting for the right moment when neither of us are particularly upset with the other.

Deep breaths.

When in doubt, pause, stay quiet, and add more meditation.

Oh, and conversations with S always help.

Edited to add: Although it was probably obvious who I was talking about in the previous post, I just realized I gave it away here. D’ur.