Day 260

Father’s Day Sunday

Happy to report back that Friday evening dinner and Mavericks show was super fun, sans alcohol. There was a moment sitting down at the restaurant – a seaside eatery with mediterranean style entrees and excellent cocktails, where I felt a strong pang of desire. Just one fancy cocktail, to celebrate. It would taste so good, and we’re headed into a fun evening of music, would be nice to get a little buzz on… etc etc.

Then C said, “I really respect that you’ve stayed quit with this whole alcohol thing.” And that was it. No drink for me!

I’d even thought about bringing a little bud to eat before the show, but instead stayed fully sober through the whole thing. To be honest, I don’t think I missed any of it in the end – had a blast, and doubt it would have been improved with alcohol or pot.

Anywhoo – I’m busy prepping and packing for three days camping with the boys. C opted out, so his Father’s Day gift is a reprieve from the family Crazy. Off to go grocery shopping for camping food, then back to a full evening of packing.

No alcohol allowed in the family campgrounds. Of course, a rule I would have read and immediately ignored had I still been drinking. But no worries, park ranger, we’re all dry over here.