Day 47

Pushing Past, Brooklyn Whelan


To continue the trend of rollarcoaster emotions, this morning I had a Pink Cloud moment of euphoria. This type of feeling had never really occurred to me prior to quitting, but now they are not uncommon. Usually in the morning, often while driving and listening to music, I have this feeling of complete and total euphoric joy. Lifted above the mundane, I feel invincible, in control, centered, happy. 

It’s really an incredible feeling and I love these moments of perfection. This morning’s moment was brought to you by a good personal training session and an anthemic song on Pandora.

I’m calling them Pink Cloud moments because I know they are just a blip on the radar of life, small spikes in mood, and the tough slogging through waist-deep mud feeling will be back soon enough. It turns out, these feelings are very common for people in early recovery. So I’m learning not to allow myself to get too confident or to take the feeling too seriously, because I recognize how impermanent it is. 

But I do enjoy the cotton candy sweetness while in the moment!

Animal Collective, Bluish