Y2 Day 15


In a funk lately, and having a hard time finding the energy and motivation for most of life’s usual demands. I’ve had a cold for the last month or so and finally went to the doc. Antibiotics are doing their thing, I think, but last week I managed to pull a muscle or otherwise injure my ribs while coughing. Doc called in an X-Ray and the latest news is that she sees a nodule and wants me to repeat the X-Ray to check.

“It’s probably nothing” she says. 

Of course I’m left in a panic which Dr. Google did nothing to help (obviously lung cancer), so I’ve moved on to more productive and encouraging ways of spending my energy. Including sharing this post that touched me:


Absolutely zero temptation to drink lately and even the smoke and online shopping has taken a break as I’ve been exhausted in the evenings and going to bed early hoping to heal this cold as quickly as possible.

More news on the X-Ray, hopefully tomorrow.