Day 106



Today was a fun-filled morning on a play date with fellow 3yo twins (we terrorized a local diner after the bounce house), followed by an afternoon of work while boys napped and played with dad. I’m just now getting done with freelance and headed down for pizza with the fam.

All of these extra hours (logging close to 70 now between the three gigs I’m juggling – NOT planned!) are really making me want a cocktail. C came up earlier to help with something and I smelled a G&T on his breath – man, did that sound good. Now, I’m headed into an evening where I need to do at least another hour or two of agency work before calling it a night, and I know I’ll end up smoking as my unplug and reward.

I wonder how/when I’ll be able to kick that habit, as I know it’s just as unhealthy as the alcohol (mentally at least, although not as physically addictive or harmful).

Sigh. One thing at a time.