Day 118


Still feeling pink – just really on top of it all this morning. Listening to an Audible book this morning, The Dance of Anger, a book I’ve read in paper format but wanted to re-read. No time for that, so commute-time has to work. It’s rewarding to feel it really sinking in.

C is traveling so the boys and I are on our own this weekend. I’ve been mentally prepping for the worst – but so far, it’s been nothing but fun. Got to leave work early to pick them up (screaming, waving Mommy mommy!!!), 40 mins of very cold playground time with lots of interactive adventures and a “picnic”, then home to warm up and put together new Lego sets before dinner. Very little TV, lots of play, all good times. 

Dinner went well too – a miracle! It’s been such a struggle lately, but I feel like we’re rounding a corner.

Well, maybe I’m rounding one too. I’m sure it’s all connected.

And about the pink cloud? I know it’s only temporary… and I feel those doldrums sneaking back in with too much screen-time and not enough exercise… but at least I’m more aware of how it all works.