Day 117

Membrane, drawing by Fred Hatt


Another unnaturally happy day today and I have no idea why, but I’m enjoying the pink-ness! Work is slower – meaning it’s actually manageable without the constant feeling of adrenalin-fueled panic, and I took the opportunity to get myself a Starbucks this morning – whawha? Never, ever happens.

In any case, now I’m hopped up and cranking through my work checklist.

In the back of my mind, as always, is the home checklist. In true procrastination-fashion, I am avoiding the more important items like writing Thank You cards for the boy’s recent birthday, and focusing on the least important ones like figuring out Valentine’s Day.

What if I were to give C the gift of really listening, without judgment. Is that cheesy? Unrealistic? Not really a gift but more something I should be doing anyway? I don’t know… but I’m tempted to try this, regardless of the holiday.

Having him KNOW that I’m trying might keep me more accountable, so maybe I’ll add this thought to a card, and include a gift certificate for a couple’s massage. 

Done! Checking that one off the list…

Now, back to cranking.