Day 139

Green, by Xuan Loc Xuan


Today was the first day this week where things felt somewhat manageable. All day, I’ve been trying to figure out why that might be. Overall, the boys were easier – more compliant, less willful and disobedient. Maybe they’re finally getting used to having Nana around. Maybe I got a little more sleep last night? Maybe yesterday’s workout endorphins had a delayed effect?

It really doesn’t matter much. I’m just grateful to be getting to the end of the day with capacity for some conversation with my mom, and even a project we’re working on.

Fingers crossed we have another day like this tomorrow – our last day together before the men arrive home and my folks depart.

No thoughts of alcohol today but I will admit that it being Friday night, I am contemplating how to fit in a little weed. We’ll see how that goes.