Day 157


A swirl of activity in all directions. If multi-tasking were an Olympic event, I would have taken Gold today.

Just alcohol-related thoughts though? Listening to Beyond Addiction on the way to an appointment, and as the intro explained how alcohol and other drugs affect our brains (a story I’m now becoming familiar with), one thing stood out from the rest. Alcohol affects our cerebral cortex, the part of our brain responsible for “putting the brakes on”, for curbing our lizard-brain impulses, for acting more like humans than animals. No wonder people do stupid shit while drinking.

And maybe that’s why it’s been noticeably easier for me to stick to more “adult” goals of self-improvement and self-control.

Now, if only I could better apply those cerebral cortex brakes to my tongue when it comes to kids and marriage…

Gratitude Postscript

That somehow in the midst of the crazy, it’s all getting done. And I’m grateful that I was able to fit in a quick workout before the day began.