Day 180


Well, a look at my sober calendar informed me this morning that although 180 days is 6 months in theory, the actual math of the last few months means I’m still shy by a few days.

Which is fine by me as today was anything but exemplary.

In fact, I’m phoning it in today and may even smoke a little pot, in spite of my “not on weeknights” rule. It was One of Those Days – and tonight, honestly, I just want a break from it all, including the self-work of wondering Why I’m Escaping. So my little pot pillow will have to do. At least I’m not drinking?

Headed downstairs to finally have dinner at 8:30pm, pack lunches, finish laundry, create the spring party favors for daycare that I promised (why?!), and then shower, maybe meditate and fall face first into my pillow.

Just a quiet evening.

Gratitude Postscript

I’m grateful that work has slowed down enough for me to feel like I can take a true break next week during Spring Break – now, I just need to rally the desire to enjoy it with the boys who are driving me nuts lately. Well, that wasn’t the greatest expression of gratitude now was it, Self? Let’s try again. I’m grateful that my friend offered me an extra ticket to go see HRC tomorrow at Rutgers, and somehow life opened up and I can go. I’m grateful for friends interested in splitting a CSA share with us, and for friends wanting to join me on a motivation train for fitness that I’ve set up on FB. Good people around me, so chin up, Self and get over this slump.