Day 179

Vital, by Yellena James


Last night’s meditation had me ask the question “What are you resisting?”

Still mulling over that question, so in true procrastination fashion I spent all free moments today researching a new 90-day workout challenge now that my 30-day is complete. The hurdle I’ve hit with mental/emotional progress is discouraging and tough, so I’ve redirected my energy toward the simpler, more achievable goals – and right now, that’s the physical stuff.

I’m proud of those achievements, and looking to capitalize on them by doubling down (well actually tripling down). Positive energy begets positive energy though, so I’m hoping that my efforts in the physical arena will boost my motivation in the emotional and mental areas as well.

For now, I’m resisting my own internal struggles apparently… but consistent exercise and meditation may help me face them.

Gratitude Postscript

I’m grateful for a free evening ahead, for lunch plans in the future with mr. C, for progress on our outdoor shower plans – finally!, and for a better mood than I was in yesterday.