Day 182


Today was supposed to be our first day of Spring Break but work got in the way. So now, I’m wrapping up the details and have finally, I think, extricated myself from all responsibilities. Let the relief soak in!!

Now, I can finally wrap my head around this upcoming week with the boys – which, in spite of recent parenting struggles, I am actually looking forward to. Maybe we’ll even take a little trip – certainly a day trip or two… Grounds for Sculpture if it’s nice, Liberty Science Museum if it’s not. Maybe a visit in to Brooklyn to visit family… now that work stress is off my back, anything seems possible.

This is also the week I start my 90-day workout program, which I intend to enjoy thoroughly.

It’s amazing what a good chat with a sympathetic friend, plus the anticipation of a little time off has done to shift my mood.

Now, I’ve got two crazy boys in my ear wanting to have a pillow fight so I’m out.

Gratitude Postscript

I’m grateful to be heading into a weekend and week ahead with zero desire to drink. I’m grateful for two little boys who remind me to lighten up. I’m grateful for the upcoming break!