Day 208


At the airport now, flight home delayed by 1.5 hours. 

Thank god co-workers are not drinking as this would be a tempting environment.

In the past, I used to drink regularly before flights. The airport bar, with its overpriced cocktails and “Would you like a double?” bartenders, and of course, the excuse that you’ll be immobilized over the next few hours anyway, had always offered a welcome reward for the stress of travel.

In fact, I think this is the first flight I’ve taken since quitting. Certainly, the first work-related trip… which adds its own excuse to drink. We earned it!

All the stress of preparing and delivering the presentation, of getting up at 4am to meet colleagues, of flying in and out in the same day… plus the comradery of completing all of this as a team. Surely, having a drink together is well deserved. 

Well, not today. Even in spite of the delay.

I’m grateful for how well the meeting went, for the travel time to read a book on my to-do list, for the time building work relationships, and for my husband who is holding down the fort while I’m away.