Day 207

Bloody diary, by Min Liu


Freelance travel plans are taking priority over any self-work today, although thoughts on acceptance (primarily of my husband and our marriage in its current state) are percolating along in the brain pan.

Tomorrow, I leave home at 5am for an early flight to NC. After a 5-hour meeting I return, hopefully home bound 9pm.

Today at work, discussions on where to eat and what to drink are circulating – with the assumption being that we’ll all be drinking with the client at some point. My resolve is unchanged, but I will admit to having some thoughts about how my teetotaling ways might come across to this team of clients. 

Then I remind myself that no one will be giving me much thought at all, and even if they do stop to wonder whether I’ve had a problem with alcohol in the past, who cares.

A little window into a current research project of mine, the scientifically-proven benefits of intermittent fasting (IF)

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