Day 215

La croix mocktails


In the office today and headed out to a happy hour at the moment. I thought I’d sign in quickly before diving into the celebrations (team completion of a big project). I think this will be my first work happy hour at a bar since quitting, and for that as well as other reasons, I plan to keep it short.

The agency I’m working at now is in the same office park as another agency I worked at for 5 years – so the bar scene around here is familiar, and we’re headed to the local favorite. I’m thinking I’ll grab a seltzer with lime – and honestly, I’m looking forward to avoiding the sugar-alcohol combo of this place’s house margaritas served in massive bowl-sized glasses.

Grateful for being back on track with exercise, meditation and clean eating… I feel so much better today than I did after the weekend. Grateful for healthy, happy kids, for their relationship with C (indicated by how much they missed him last night while he was out), and for a somewhat relaxing evening ahead.