Day 216

Image from Mexican Series, by Monica Barengo


In preparation for Cinco de Mayo (which of course is a recognized agency holiday), work is throwing a little late-afternoon booze fest starting in a few minutes. I just walked by the line-up of tequila and beer on my way back from a meeting.

In the past, I would have relished this opportunity to start drinking sooner – on the company dime, nonetheless… and would have the driven long commute driven with a slight buzz on, looking to instantly dose myself when I got in the door to keep that buzz going.

I don’t miss that compulsion, or even the slight break (somewhat false, as the work is always still there). I almost typed out how much I prefer a sober mind, and then realized how hypocritical that is when I’m looking forward to smoking pot this weekend. Ha!

Maybe to clarify, I can offer that I prefer a sober mind at work and at home, when family responsibilities require it. When the kids are in bed, and it’s Saturday night? Another story… at least for now.

Looking ahead at a boozy weekend as well – another Cinco party tomorrow hosted by our well-connected friends. It’s always a big drinking affair, but this time around I’m looking forward to bringing a refreshing seltzer drink to share along with our other food offerings.

Just curious, why did Cinco de Mayo become such a drinking holiday?