Day 228

Andrea Ucini


I think I need to redo the meditation sessions on Anger. Struggling with communication today. You ever feel like you’re speaking a different language from another person? You might both be speaking English, but neither of you are understanding the other.

How does this happen with those closest to us? We form such rigid opinions of the other person, we tell ourselves the same stories over and over, and then can’t get outside of that mental loop to actually see and hear that person. I’m guilty of it, and I also feel the isolation that comes from feeling misunderstood.

No answers for now, except that I know the only way forward is to work on what I have control over: myself and my reactions to life.

Tonight’s task on the commute home be to tease out which portion of the current mess is my responsibility, and which is the other person’s. The line between myself and others is one that has been rather gray until recently. Still figuring that out.