Day 227


No work today, but it was a full one. Little W had a behavioral evaluation that C and I attended. It went well and confirmed our parental instincts that all is fine, although our current preK environment is not ideal for W. C and I worked well as a team and I’m proud of us.

As I’d taken the day off for this, I filled my afternoon with appointments and am now rolling in the door to two crazy kiddos home from daycare and C grilling some salmon.

Do I know I’m spoiled? Yes.

Does a glass of chilled chardonnay sound nice after running around all day, and after the relieving outcome from W’s evaluation? Yes.

Would that make anything better? Maybe for a 1/2 hr in the pre-dinner glow, as C and I congratulate ourselves on today while the kids watch a little TV. But not afterwards, during the evening crazy and the late evening compulsion to “keep the buzz going”, which always turns into the middle of the night “oh shit, why did I have that last drink?!” and the too-early morning regret.

So I’m headed down to help with dinner prep and maybe pour myself a sparkling water with ice as a treat.