Day 235

Pink Dahlia, by Georgianna Lane


Meeting my friends K & K out for dinner tonight, can’t wait. We’ve met a couple times now since I quit drinking, so there won’t be the need to explain anything. And I’m looking forward to catching up with them, to really hearing how they’re doing and maybe sharing a bit about me too. Grateful to be in a pretty good place overall, in spite of the usual ups and downs of life – and I attribute that to a more resilient headspace rather than the circumstances around me.

I will admit that the thought of enjoying a glass of wine with the girls passed briefly through my head. But sparkling water will be a decent substitute.

And in the end, honestly, it’s more about being in the company of good friends than it is about what’s in the glass… although at least in my experience, sparkling water will enhance the evening more than wine would. The conversation will be more connected, my memory of the evening more detailed, the post-dinner drive home safer, and the night more relaxed overall.

Grateful for good friends who seek each other out for the occasional dinner, for a husband who will be home putting boys to bed on his own – without complaint, for an unexpected grace period given at work today that allows me an evening free, and for the pink cloud headspace I find myself in today.