Day 27


Yet again, almost midnight and I haven’t posted. Not a good week for sleep! Tonight’s excuse was building halloween costumes with the husband, *mostly* sober (I smoked pot, he drank a couple beers and a bourbon). He’d been joining me in sobriety all week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) and was quite proud of himself. And we had a good time together tonight which was a pleasant surprise after the past week!

The voice in my head urging me to drink was less Despair as it was an annoying drunk friend, trying to push shots on you at the end of the night when you’re over it. 

Tomorrow is a busy day of gymnastics, birthday party with the boys, then more halloween prep, then our big adult halloween party that C and I attend every year. Well, he MC’s it – and I show up by myself to putz around, usually drink heavily, dance and get my fortune read, while circulating the bar many many times. Sometimes I bring a friend, but I didn’t plan well enough this year.

So, tomorrow night will be me – alone – at a boozy party with not much to do. Hmmm not easy. I’ve made a mask that covers my whole face and would be impossible to drink through, and although I’ll take it off to eat and get my fortune read, it’ll be at least one barrier between me and the bar. The plan is to eat at the big buffet spread, then find a few coworkers of C’s that I know and catch up with them. Get a good look at all the costumes, maybe take a few pictures, do some dancing… and make an early exit.

Good luck to me! I’ve got this.