Day 282

Meadow – Michelle Morin


Back on the grid and still sober! 

We packed a lot in to one week: toad & frog hunting, berry hunting, pond swimming, evening bonfires, fireworks, small-town roadside ice-cream trips, major thunderstorms viewed from the cabin porch, deep late-night philosophical discussions between siblings, my dad’s retirement party.

So many great memories.

In the end, my intentions for the week crystalized into one thought: generosity of spirit. For me, this meant offering patience and love when it wasn’t easy, lending a listening ear when it was needed, staying quiet and observing my family through a positive lens, and going out of my way to make everyone’s time together pleasant. After all, as the family there for the whole week, we were “hosting” this time.

And more than once, that intention was tested. But I’m happy to say that even if I slipped occasionally, having that front of mind helped me through the week… especially in moments where my family had finished all the La Croix I brought, leaving nothing but beer to drink on a 90+ degree day. Ha!

Damn, did those cold beers look and sound delicious when people around me were popping them open left and right. But I rode the wave and found a way to get more non-alcoholic drinks chilled… and then smoked some green around the late night bonfire after kids were tucked in. And to be honest, in spite of the fact that everyone else was drinking beers throughout the day (and whiskey was being liberally enjoyed around the fire), the only time I wanted a drink was when I was thirsty and water wasn’t a choice. Other than that, I didn’t miss it one bit.

Another thing I didn’t miss was the hangover the next day. Up at the crack of dawn, thanks to our chipper 4 year olds, I was usually the one making coffee and getting breakfast started while everyone else was rubbing their eyes and trying to detach their brain from the side of their skull. Who knows, maybe they weren’t struggling, but I remember quite well how miserable a hangover at the Cabin can be. And was very happy to experience the sunny, energetic mornings without one.

Now, it’s back to the routine – work as busy as ever. C and I already had our first tense conversation since returning which is still rattling around in my head. But I’m back to meditating in the morning, something I missed a lot last week. Hopefully, it will all balance out.

And if I keep taking care of me, maybe it will be easier to continue offering those around me more grace and generosity of spirit.