Day 290


Feeling blah today and lately. A little testy, a little apathetic, and just plain tired.

Usually, I have a lot of energy for the various chores and responsibilities of the day as well as inspiration for upcoming projects and events, but I’m struggling at the moment – not sure why.

So I’m percolating along, trying to be my best self and am of course, staying off the booze.

The latest & greatest of this week is that we’re prepping for our big annual summer party (rescheduled from the Summer Solstice), which I’m trying to get excited about. 

Today’s chore? Plan the mixed drinks.

So I decided to create a drink or two that could stand on their own as a Mocktail, and I hope I’ve succeeded: Blackberry Bramble and a Summery Moscow Mule.

For non-drinkers like me, I’ve offered an alcohol substitute and expect these will both be rather yummy!