Day 307

Best Street Style Looks of MFW Fall 2018


Next week, I’m turning over a new leaf. Back on track with a more reasonable use of MJ, and tracking my spending for the month of August as well. I’ve also put plans in the works to start my daily HIIT exercise routine back up in September, together with a friend who wants to do a challenge with me.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I pulled myself together today and have been floating around on a bit of a pink cloud.

Last night’s street fashion overload had me picking out a less-than-normal outfit this morning, with the thought that I might attend a friend’s art opening this evening in Philly. Crew-neck white cotton tee, tucked into a body-con black skirt hiked up to my rib cage. Black leather sash belt and punk necklace tie the look together with taupe booties and lots of leg lotion. I knew I was rocking it when I turned heads left & right picking up my lunch…

Now, I just need to get up the energy to make it into Philly tonight (assuming C is OK with it since I forgot to mention, oops)

And if I do – I will admit, this being my first art opening since quitting, avoiding the alcohol will be tough. Art openings can be filled with way-too-serious people, everyone avoiding eye contact and furiously chatting up their friends while sipping away on something strong. The only person I’ll know there will be one of the artists, who I’m sure will be surrounded by interested parties… leaving me way to much leeway to figure out what to do with my time.

The Plan: Take a loop around, grab a seltzer, say hi to K and hit the road for home.