Day 34

The Book of Henry


Husband’s drinking tempted me a bit tonight. And its the third Friday I’ve smoked as my week end reward. We watched a movie and had popcorn. Overall, not too shabby!

Tomorrow we’re going to a friend’s new house BBQ party, the same group of friends I’ve already told so I’m over that hurdle. Now, just to bring something non-alcoholic and have an exit plan.

I’ve got a book on my desk that is hovering in the periphery, “Twelve Steps and Twelve Disciplines”. And the gist of the first three steps is also floating around in the brain pan. I’m not interested in attending AA, but I do see validity in the program. Not sure I’m ready for figuring out a “Higher Power” yet…I guess this is a process.

This is probably the 5th book I have on my current reading list, which only has one novel. Somehow, I need to find the time but so far, exercise or online activity have been the escapes/replacements.

One common thought I have is that I wish I did this sooner, for my boys especially.