Day 36

A stormy autumn, John De Bord


Feeling heavy over the news from last night, but better with the Overwhelm today after getting a lot accomplished last night. I have a hangover-esque headache, probably the tail end of this head cold… but in spite of that, boys and I are headed to a bounce house to burn off energy before lunch.

It’s a gray day that needs a little activity to offset the blues.

And in the afternoon, one of those magical days with sunlit fall trees unexpectedly bright against the dark gray-blue sky.

Late PM update:

Still working at 12:34pm and wondering about my ability to relax and just stop working, now that I’m not using alcohol as my OFF button. It’s definitely something I’ve noticed. I’m working longer, doing freelance, household stuff and exercise, then going to bed later than I was (I think?) when I was drinking, and often struggling to turn my brain off. 

Maybe I should start looking into meditation.