Day 44

Meme #125782 about Mommy Wine Drinkers


So I reached out to a couple sobriety groups online for non-alcoholic ciders, wine or juices that paired well with cheese, and was surprised by the variety of responses. If I were to bucket them, they’d come in 1) Encouragers with helpful suggestions, 2) Questioners “Non-alcoholic wine, is there even such a thing?!” and 3) Triggered hard-line-AA-folks who were aghast that I could even suggest someone drink NA wine – what a cheat! In fact, how could anyone drink Kombucha when quitting… it contains alcohol!!! (less than .5%, naturally occurring)

Then I started to realize, I’m a Type too. Nothing is new under the sun.

I’m not special. So so so many people have been down this very same road, feeling the very same thing. I feel like a walking cliche… sad, type-A woman over-drinks to forget her unhappy marriage brought on in large part by having kids late in life (surprise, it’s hard!), hits 40 and has mini mid-life crisis, takes a hard look at her life and makes changes – quits alcohol, gets fit, wants a Vitamix for Christmas.

I’m like the Soccer Mom of quitting. Others in the community could question whether I really had a problem to begin with. I mean, I never got a DUI or ruined anyone’s life. Maybe I just care about losing a few pounds, or going on a health kick to reverse the clock. Who knows. 

Well, I know. And for me, I’m glad I’m here, non-alcoholic cheese pairings and all.

BTW, my favorite suggestion so far is Cawston Press Rhubarb Apple sparkling cider.

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