Day 60!

Scattered Remnants, Tracie Cheng


So tired I can barely spell Wednesday. I planned to be in bed an hour ago, but no luck… just finished some work emails and that was my last task of the day, so it’s bed time.

Today’s commonsense epiphany brought to you by lack of sleep:

Last night was unrestful, like the few before that, between working late and boys up at all hours for no apparent, fixable reason. As I fell asleep at 2am, I felt myself going down the usual “poor me, I’m going to be a mess tomorrow, it’s going to suck so bad” mental pathway. And I got to the part where I was planning out how to bitch about it to my work friends and anyone who would listen to me throw a pity party, and I said STOP! I don’t want to be that way!

And I made a simple mental intention to have a good day instead. To power through, to conquer, to kick ass. I planned to make time for a solid breakfast for me and the boys, and be kind and pleasant with them regardless of their behavior. I decided I wouldn’t complain at work but instead would kick some major ass. And I did.

I negotiated, I delegated, I led. I got the work done and led client calls and internal meetings, and kept the tone quiet and calm in spite of the insanity going on around me. Hopefully, we moved some shit forward today.

What an incredible effect one decision can have.

I must say though, after today’s intensity, C’s beer looked extremely tempting tonight.

Chopin – Nocturne op.9 No.2

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