Day 61

Breakthrough, Samantha French


I’m starting to really dislike the smell of beer. Stale beer smell is horrible, but even non-stale beer ain’t great. Especially the smell on someone’s breath or seeping from their pores. Trying not to become the obnoxious person who quits something and then goes to the opposite extreme, but seriously, beer smells like shit.

Another crazy busy day on little sleep, handled with a little less grace than yesterday unfortunately – but still sober! 

In spite of the Crazy, I fit a short workout in this morning and yoga in tonight so am proud of myself for making room for healthy self-care. A lot of deeper stuff swirling around under the surface today but no time to really dive in and examine.

Tonight’s yoga practice was about self-acceptance. Interesting because I had already set that intention before heading to the class. It’s something I need to really work on and I’m grateful for Lori, the yoga instructor, for being today’s confirmation that the universe is listening.

Now, more self-care: sleep.

Saving this podcast for later.