Day 83

Tea Girl, by stasiab


As the wrapping and packing and baking and holiday-making is happening, I’m realizing that I’m not as prepared to be alcohol-free this holiday as I was for Thanksgiving. No AF drinks, no thoughts about what to say or do when I feel stuck, no real thinking about it at all.

I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not, but I know I’m starting to feel unprepared. Thankfully, we’re visiting my side of the family for this holiday, and they don’t drink much. My sister, who would normally join me for a wine or beer, is pregnant right now. And my two brothers who would probably be disappointed I wouldn’t be joining them for a late night bourbon and drunk-y chat are not going to be in town. My folks are essentially teetotalers.

Uncle T is a bit of a lush, but that won’t be tempting (although his wine choices may be) and his wife and kids are generally disapproving and abstain. So, now that I’ve talked through it, maybe I’ll be fine.

I’ve cut back on the fancy AF drinks lately – got a little tired of the Kombucha, and found some pricey cold-pressed juices I like a lot but don’t have the $$ for on a regular basis. In the evening, to decompress, my recent go-to has been decaf tea. Occasionally, with a toasted english muffin and honey.

Wow, I’m becoming my mom.

I guess it could be worse.