Day 82


Lost today’s post into the ether, so this is gonna be short.

Had a major urge today, after coming downstairs from my final day at work before the holiday. There was a real sense of celebration and relief, and just as I was arriving in the kitchen, C was opening a bottle of wine.

Although I didn’t even look to see what kind, I immediately WANTED A GLASS.

I mean, I’d earned it for damn sure. And what better way to kick off the holidays than with a nice glass of wine. Chill out, relax with the kids, enjoy a nice dinner while sipping away, right?

Can’t believe how strong the urge was.

But I made it through, mainly with distraction and the promise of a puff tonight before tackling the mountain of present-wrapping and other Christmas magic that needs to happen.

Still leaning on that crutch, but I made it through.