Day 100

De-programming, Elisa Ancori


Well, Day 100 has gone by with little fanfare – just a busy work day, and now, a quiet house after boys and C have gone to bed. 

I think I’ll celebrate by disconnecting from my computer and reading a bit.

Before I go though, one of the members of a Facebook sobriety group I’m part of posted this today. I found it interesting, as I never really identified as being an “alcoholic” because of all of the stigma attached to it, and having never really bottomed out. But that mentality was part of why it took me ~3 years to actually quit. 

Just heard a news story on NPR this AM that the NIH has a new “alcohol navigator” that recognizes there is a range of severity in alcoholism and directs one to people and programs in one’s area that can help. No longer one size fits all.

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