Day 115

Inside/Outside Tree, Sou Fujimoto


Today, I’m just going to regurgitate some of the things I’m hearing in therapy, week after week. Because obviously, although I’m understanding them in my brain, they are still taking time to make their way into my heart and way of living.

  • Own your happiness, act in ways that make you proud (be the bigger person, really listen, be a good mother, don’t lose your patience, get over yourself). Don’t expect anyone else to make you happy – it is no one else’s responsibility
  • Your partner doesn’t owe you anything – if you want something, go and get it. His unhappiness is not your responsibility, stop letting it affect you personally.
  • Stop playing the “poor me” narrative – try speaking more positivity into your life – feed the good, starve the bad. 
  • Don’t look for validation externally, find it internally. You have everything you need inside, looking for it outside yourself will only result in confusion and pain.