Day 147


Today’s theme was mind-body connection.

After talking at length about the tie between physical and mental pain with my good friend S at boys’ gymnastics class, we headed over to a restful but long 1.5hr yoga class where the focus was on aligning our minds with our bodies. 

The instructor ended the class with the thought, “Yoga helps our bodies become strong and flexible, but ultimately it is a practice of the mind.”

When I stop and listen, my life is trying to tell me to slow down and pay more attention to my body’s reaction to things, and to take heed of my emotions as well. Alcohol was so good at separating mind from body that I’m realizing I’m not good at this. I used to think drinking was only affecting my physical health. I had no idea the extent to which it was affecting the rest of my life and my essential Self. 

The body’s physical response to life can tell us so much, as can our emotions if we care to listen. But that takes awareness, patience, mindfulness… all of which require one to STOP, PAUSE, BREATHE.

I have a tiny slip of paper posted to the dash in my car, with an acronym that I find helpful to read over and over: S.O.B.E.R

  • Stop
  • Observe
  • Breathe
  • Expand
  • Respond mindfully

Now, all I need is to actually DO IT.

Gratitude Postscript

Today, I’m grateful for my friendship with S – our conversation this morning was as good as any therapy session. She is one of the few people in my life who really GET IT right now. I’m also grateful for learning how to be more in tune with myself.