Day 149


Not only did I go to bed early last night but I even ended up getting up 45 minutes earlier this morning and fitting in my 15 minute workout before the day started.

Granted, boys also got up early and interrupted it, joining me in the moves to much hilarity, “Mom, why are you wet?” but our morning went so much more smoothly than it typically does after that. I was able to shower, get boys and myself dressed without rushing, even eat a normal breakfast (no cereal bars and shakes on the way out the door today!), and drop them off EARLY, in preparation for an important client presentation.

That went well too, and as I reached the middle of my day, eating a salad and contemplating a new book on meditation, I was starting to feel a little cocky. Man, I’ve got my shit together today! Then I had the thought as I normally do, “just wait, Self, the other shoe is about to drop”.

And it just did. 

After the creative presentation, I marked up my notes on the PDF we reviewed – making sure I captured everything the client said and our own commentary in response, and then Replied-All to the meeting invite… sending the PDF to the agency team AND THE CLIENTS by mistake.


The Creative Director pointed it out, asking “Did you mean to send that to the clients?” and I felt my stomach lurch. Immediately ran to his office to wring my hands and apologize. I did so well in the presentation – why did I have to go ruin it with this stupid junior move?! Then, I ran around to the account folks – heading it off at the pass; “I don’t think there was anything incriminating in my comments! I’m so sorry!” And then, back to my desk to double-check.

Turns out, there was nothing all that offensive in my markups, and as far as I can tell no one is that upset, but DAMN. Life wanted to teach me a lesson: don’t think you’ve got it all under control. You don’t. Life is life, and you’re human.

And that’s OKAY.


Gratitude Postscript

I’m feeling very grateful those comments didn’t include anything defamatory about the clients. But now I need chocolate…