Day 16


After last night’s bleak post, I’m trying a different approach today: posting in the AM, and starting the day out on the right foot.

Today, I’ve taken a day off to spend the morning with my boys on a field trip, pumpkin-picking. Before I freelanced, I would have never felt it possible to do this due to the internal pressure that came from working on-site and “climbing the ladder” at an agency. But now, who gives a flip! I love it.

And it’s going to be a wonderful day. I’ve got my son on my lap right now (fussing because I won’t let him tear apart a post-it pad), and my other son probably writing on the walls somewhere. 

But after this post, I’m headed downstairs to fix breakfast and get on with the day. Aside from the fun morning ahead, I have a full afternoon of work, appointments and kids. Looking forward to being more fully present than I was when drinking, and then working out in the evening without concern about “giving up” a drinking evening.

While there are still many struggles ahead-in terms of hours in a day, I’m grateful and happy about my decision more hours than not.

I can do this. Go girl.