Day 165


Another multi-tasking marathon of a day, so I’m grabbing a minute in the middle to post as I’m not sure if there will be room this evening.

C is on another work ski trip, so I’m working from home to accommodate kid pick-up and dinner (while also simultaneously calling in to two meetings and working). Thankfully, a neighbor friend is helping for a bit when the boys are around so I can honestly say I’m working and not running around after them.

While there has been plenty of mental processing going on recently, today I thought I’d capture some of the physical changes I’ve noticed since quitting.

It’s been almost 6 months, and here are some of the changes I’ve seen:

  • Lost about 10lbs over the first few months, and am keeping it off
  • More energy during the day, all day – not just in the AM
  • More focus and clarity of thought
  • Increased confidence, especially at work
  • Better quality of emotional engagement with others, better listening
  • Increased ability to be mindful and aware of my own thoughts
  • Easier to stay committed to personal goals
  • Better memory
  • Lightened mood
  • More patience

In some ways, I feel like I’m finally waking up.

Although I know this may be a pink cloud moment, I’m feeling really positive about life right now, and even though it’s far from perfect (as am I), I’m okay with the good and the bad. 

At the risk of being one of those insufferable healthy people, some links and bullets below capture what is going on in my physical world: