Day 166

Glass, by Bob Crooks


You know what’s one thing I really do miss about drinking? Tasting complexity.

Today at work, around 11am (because we’re in advertising, so of course), a colleague opened a home-brew for all to taste. It was a porter brewed with bourbon-soaked wood chips, and honestly I was so curious. I didn’t want a whole beer. I just wanted to taste it.

The same thing happens whenever my husband opens a fancy bottle of wine, like the excellent Pinot from our vertical, where I’ve tasted year upon year of this grape from this vineyard, and it’s almost always a supreme treat. Or when my brother brings an off-the-beaten-track bourbon to the family weekend, excited to share because he knows exactly the kind of bourbon I like, complex, smooth, a little on the sweet side. Or when I find out that my favorite bar in Asbury Park has a new cocktail with blackberry & cucumber which sounds amazing, and my summer girlfriends are going out for a night on the town and want me to join. I just want a sip. 

But right now, that would be too much.

So I rein in my salivating self, and center on all the gains I’ve made over the last few months, all of the reinforcing benefits I see daily, and how certain substitutes make me feel equally as good without all the negative side effects. Tonight, yoga!

Gratitude Postscript

I fit in my 15-minute challenge workout this morning, second morning in a row, before the boys got up… and both days, I’ve had energy through the roof. I actually thought people at work might think I was on something, so I tried to tone it down. But honestly, I’m grateful for how I feel right now. Hopeful, energetic, confident. And I’m grateful for plans coming together for a couple future events with girlfriends, as well as a music festival in Cincinnati with my brother and SIL. Wahoo!!!