Day 167


Today’s thought worry-stone was the idea of acceptance.

On my drive into work, listening to the robotic voice reading Beyond Addiction, one idea jumped out at me. It was in a chapter on the steps to change, as researched by a couple of psychologists studying nicotine addiction. As I remember it, the idea is that a key ingredient to change is Acceptance.

Not striving for change, arguing and yelling and trying to force change, but accepting life as-is in the current moment.

I found it ran contrary to my usual MO, so it left me thinking. I’m still rubbing it around in my mind, with no concrete conclusions or learnings… just percolating.

My hope is that with all of this reading, researching, listening, absorbing, some of it will synthesize and become part of me. I’d like to think that although I’m a long way from successfully implementing any of this, one day, some of this will click and I’ll start to shift, consciously or not.

But for now, I’m headed into what I hope will be a relaxing Friday night, no deep thoughts involved.

Gratitude Postscript

I’m grateful that my work schedule at the agency is slowing down and allowing me a little mental headspace for other work (and family, and personal self-work, and exercise – not in that order of course!). I’m grateful for my little goof-ball sons who are running around naked right now in the pre-bedtime crazy… now, on to bedtime routine.