Day 169


We packed today completely full, running from the moment we woke up until now… and I’m ready to go melt into the couch.

But before I sign off, more food for thought on the Acceptance angle – a quote from an article I surfed through to when searching yesterday (and a typical question I ask whenever someone tells me I need to stop striving so hard):

Isn’t accepting myself the same thing as giving up on myself?

This is probably THE biggest fear people have about self-acceptance. Especially those of us who LOVE personal development. And the short answer to that question is no. The long answer is that giving up on yourself and accepting yourself are direct opposites.

Self-acceptance is about making peace with the present moment by removing your judgments and, then, from this neutral state of mind, consciously and with intention, deciding how you will move forward. And from that place is the only way to make decisions that are in true integrity for you.

Self-acceptance, does, however, require you to give up on the notion that you can control other people’s opinions of you and embody who you are, no matter what other people think.

Gratitude Postscript

I’m grateful for the soul connection I have with my friend S, and our Saturday morning chats while the boys are in gymnastics together. I’m grateful that we fit so much in today. I’m grateful that C got a break this morning and was super chill and cheerful with the boys when he returned, giving me a break at nap time and again at bath time. All in all, today was a wonderful day.