Day 172


Today, I’m writing for another project so my brain is elsewhere. But I’ve got quality material for the chocolate lovers out there!

In an effort to get the last of the persistent pounds off in time for summer (yeh, I’m being vain about it!), I’ve been trimming my diet back to just the healthy stuff. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good dark chocolate snack every once in awhile! 

These dark chocolate nut butter cups are night-and-day better than the Reese’s ones… holy moses, they are divine. I used 90% cacao bars, and almond butter (and skipped the chia seeds), and these turned out incredible.

You’re welcome:

Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Cup Recipe

Gratitude Postscript

Obviously – chocolate nut butter cups. Also, I’m grateful that the agency I’m working for has reassured me they are retaining me for the foreseeable future, as well as maintaining their flexibility with my work-life balance requirements (especially given that tomorrow is likely to be yet another snow day around here). It’s really an ideal situation, and I know that’s not normal – so I’m grateful.