Day 174

Snow Day Thursday

After a fun morning clearing snow and making (and alternately destroying) snow sculptures with the boys, I headed right in to deal with a few agency fire drills and am slowly coming down from that adrenalin infusion into a sleepy, Vitamin-D-induced afternoon vibe.

I still have plenty to do today, but I’m finding myself fresh out of motivation at the moment – so I’m here, procrastinating while a file downloads.

You know what’s one thought that occurs to me on a frequent basis now? I find myself going back to an email or a text that I sent late the prior evening, and doing a double-take. In the past (if I remembered), I would have that sinking feeling of “Shit, what did I say. Was it obvious I’d been drinking? I should re-read and do some damage control.” Now, I go down that path but immediately reverse – because, guess what Self, I was sober! No worries! I may have been a bit tired, but the likelihood of regret is slim.

Late last night, I got the text from the boy’s daycare that they were canceling today. Did it throw a wrench in my plans, without leaving me much time to find childcare or work coverage? Yes. Was I pissed? Yes. Did I shoot off a frustrated rage-filled email to anyone, or send a work email full of defensive language about how I wouldn’t be able to work today? Nope! I had the sober peace of mind to handle it like an adult.

Go Self.

Gratitude Postscript

I’m grateful for time with the boys even if I lost my temper slightly when they started destroying the snow race car I made for them. I’m grateful for Little C’s unique fashion choices which have made the last couple days fun. I’m grateful for tonight’s self-care for women enterpreneurs workshop (that’s a mouthful) in Asbury Park, attending by myself and looking forward to meeting other women business owners. And of course, I’m grateful to C for giving me a night out.