Day 175


What a day. So much work drama I feel like crying and it’s so not worth it. And I failed at home too. This morning, in spite of a short cardio workup before boys got up, I still lost it with them. 

My personal health goals are chugging along merrily: making green smoothies, working out, yoga-ing it up, etc. But hot damn, the personal work is so so so much more difficult.

So many more ingrained patterns to relearn, so many sharp points to get stuck on, and life just keeps on coming.

I feel like I need to double-down on the meditation thing. Really commit to doing it once a day, and see if that helps. Because, god help me, if not – I’m running out of options…

Or maybe I just need to have more patience with myself, as well as those around me.

Gratitude Postscript

I’m grateful it’s Friday. I’m grateful that after today’s drama I still have a job. I’m grateful for the close friends and family I can go to for wisdom about raising kids. I’m grateful for C, who has offered to give me a break this weekend to work on freelance (much needed), in spite of the fact that I’m sure he could use the break too. And I’m grateful to the boys for stretching me and helping me grow.