Day 189

Grounds for Sculpture


Weird, I’m feeling shy about posting tonight for some reason. Just don’t feel like being online.

I guess I depleted my social abilities today – lots of fun at the Bounce House (after a week of spring break, I think every parent in the county was there), then book club which I had to attend, seeing as I’ve missed the last 3 or 6 and had finally actually read the book…

Plus I’m just depleted. 

Having two 4yo boys makes me feel old sometimes. A week of keeping pace with them has been absolutely fantastic, but also completely exhausting. And of course, they’re up at 6am every day lately WIDE AWAKE and instantly getting into trouble.

I came downstairs today, literally 2 minutes after we’d all woken up, to find W in the kitchen stirring a tiny cup, with salt all over the table and floor. Come to realize, he’d found, opened and tried to interpret the directions of the Salt Crystal kit I’d bought earlier, that had been hidden away on top of the fridge. Don’t ask me how he managed to get it down. And he’s doing the experiment in his pull-up. Stirring chemicals together and spilling them all over the floor and looking at me like, What?

That was just how the day started.

Anyhow, I will admit that those open bottles of wine at book club were just a little tempting tonight. Nothing like book club Moms Night Out after a week of spring break – everyone had their own bottle. I ducked out early to catch C before he fell asleep on the couch, his usual MO. And I should get back to that!

Grateful for this week, it’s been full of sunshine in spite of the weather.