Day 190


Well, our Spring Break week is coming to a close – and as much as I worried about how strenuous it was going to be – I’m actually sad that it’s over. We had a blast, and I cut myself a break once in awhile instead of the usual fevered pace.

I found my insides start unwinding after about 4-5 days in spite of the energy needed to keep up with the boys. A few sunny afternoons like today, building lego train tracks contentedly or planting bean seeds or making zucchini apple muffins, all without any squabbling or accidents or time outs, made for magical memories that I am tucking away for moments that aren’t so perfectly wonderful.

I didn’t get all the freelance work done that I’d planned – part of letting myself unwind – but I did stay consistent with my workouts, green smoothies, and meditation…and it’s nice to see the checkboxes add up as the week went by.

Next week is going to be an entirely different experience, and I know I need to get ahead of it, but tonight I plan on a bit of self-sabatoge instead. C got a few edibles from a friend, which I’ve never tried (except in Amsterdam which is another time, another story) and I want to give them a tiny taste. I know by now that I’m not helping myself any, and that in all actuality it doesn’t improve my experience that much (well, smoking doesn’t – we’ll see about eating it)…but I do have a painting to finish, so that’s my excuse.

Signing off now for dinner, then boys to bed, then Nibble Nibble!

Grateful for the special times this week with the boys, so many of them… and to see that reflected in their faces, the easy laughter and the connection we have.