Day 20


We made it down, car full of friends and lots of talk about booze on the trip. But I’d packed my NA drinks and was quite content. Immediately on arrival, the beers were cracked and celebratory bourbon poured for all.

It was noted that I wasn’t drinking and I just said, “I quit”. No one questioned much beyond that, except our closest friends who started hounding me about being pregnant. I quickly squashed that rumor and happily downed a microbrew root beer.

Now it’s Day 2 of the trip and except for a few moments of feeling bored and escaping to our room (we’re in a large 9-bedroom, 9-bath beach house that backs right up to the water) I haven’t missed the alcohol one bit!

As I lay on a beach chair earlier after a long soak in the hot tub, I realized I’m learning how to relax with the aid of alcohol. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s nice knowing it doesn’t come with a penalty.

Tomorrow is the wedding and I’m looking forward to partying with the crew and the possibility of a toke later in the evening. May or may not have time to post but am holding strong!