Day 21


Today is the big day! My first sober wedding. And it seems appropriate that I’m wearing my Quit Ring, that arrived right before we left town. I decided to get a ring for my start date, and then similar stacking rings for important milestone dates: first month (coming up!), first 6 months, first year, then yearly… assuming I go beyond a year.

While this lovely couple commits their lives and love to each other, I am making a promise to love myself more in many ways, but primarily in staying quit. It hasn’t been until this year that I realized the importance of loving oneself first and foremost, as the foundation of a happy life and healthy relationships.

Its our adult homework, to find our truest self and love the shit out of it when we do. Not easy, but at least I’m consciously on the path now.

Vaporizer is packed, exit strategy in place, hot bandage dress ready…Wish me luck tonight!